Squats 101 - Everything You Need To Know

This relatively simply, although challenging, exercise can be performed anywhere, at anytime. Squats do not require any fancy equipment or specialty training – they’re a fuss free exercise that anyone can try. In fact squats are one of the best exercises for you as they help strengthen and grow muscle. Read more

Marathon Top 10 Tips for Preparing and Running a Marathon

If you’re running a marathon this year but you’re not sure if you’re fully prepared or just want to brush up on your race day strategy, then these top 10 tips will surely put your mind at ease and ensure you’re ready to battle out each and every mile on race day.  Read more

Exercise Whiz Quiz

Are you an Exercise Whiz Kid? Think you know all there is to know about the ins-and-outs of exercise? Why not put your knowledge to test and take part in our Exercise Whiz Quiz. You never know, you might even surprise yourself and learn a thing or two! Grab a pen and paper, mark down your answers and check them at the end.Read more

Top 3 Biggest Fitness Mistakes

There are mistakes you could be making that could be hampering your fitness and harming your health. Take a peak below at our top 3 biggest fitness mistakes:Read more

What's The Fuss About Foam Rollers?

You’ve perhaps seen people rolling around on a foam roller and thought that it was just for athletes or super fit people? That’s not the case. Foam rolling is important and beneficial for everyone of any fitness level. Keep reading to discover some of the benefits and some further facts about foam rolling:Read more

How to Ease your Muscle Soreness

That dreaded moment….your alarm goes off and it’s time to asses just how sore your muscles are from your workout the day before. DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness) can make you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus (Maybe a little dramatic?) and can typically last between 3-5 days. Keep reading to find out more about DOMS and how to help ease it a little.Read more

Top 5 Fitness Myths - BUSTED!

1. If you exercise, you can eat what you want

It’s quite a common misconception that if you exercise, you can therefore eat what you want. However, as Raw Food expert, Suzanne Glasper, says in our interview last week: ‘You can’t outrun your fork.’ People often overestimate how many calories they’re burning during a workout and this can lead to over-indulging afterwards. Read more

Top 5 Festive Fitness Gifts

It can be difficult to know what to get your loved ones this Christmas. If they are a fitness fanatic or you want to encourage them to enjoy fitness, then check out some of our top 5 festive fitness gifts below:Read more

Top 5 SkiFit Exercises to do at Home

Your SkiFit class with Nadya Fairweather is designed to get you fit and ready for your upcoming ski holiday – or just in general! During this class you get a full body workout, with special attention being paid to the lower body and the arms (quite essential bodyparts for skiing!) If you want to try some of the SkiFit moves at home, see Nadya demonstrating some favourites below:Read more

What Body Type Are You?

Did you ever notice that some people seem to be very naturally slim or naturally slightly bigger? This isn’t your imagination. It’s true that a persons genes affect their body shapes. Keep reading to discover some more information about the three main body types and to see which one best describes you.Read more