Top 10 Ways to get a Flatter Stomach

Do you dream of a flatter stomach? You’re not alone! According to research by Women’s Health62% of women are most self-conscious about their stomachs. Being overweight around your mid-section is also accompanied with health risks such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and elevated insulin levels. This can result in many further health risks. Have a read of our advice below to help you achieve a healthier body and visually flatter stomach.Read more

Banish the Bounce: The Importance of Sports Bras

Sports bras offer more support during a workout as they help minimise movement during exercise. Quite shockingly breasts can move up to 12cm during exercise which can cause a variety of problems such as chaffing, discomfort and the dreaded sagging of your breasts (none of which make for an ideal situation!).Read more

Top 5 Must-Have Home Workout Equipment

As a member of InstructorLive its very easy to take part in many of our classes with no equipment but investing in some at-home fitness equipment can also be beneficial.We’ve provided a list of what we think are the ‘Top Five Must-Have Home Workout Equipment’ that can help you take your workouts to the next level, add diversity to your fitness routine and make them more fun!Read more

Top Five Benefits of Resistance Bands

In line with our popular class, ‘Pilates with Bands’, with Sam Webster we thought we’d tell you a little more about the benefits of adding resistance bands to your workout. Available from most sports shops, these bands are proving to be a stretchy success in the fitness world! Here are our top five benefits of resistance bands:Read more

The Yoga Challenge COMPETITION!

In line with your new ‘Yoga Challenge‘ class taught by Susan Yu we have a fantastic new competition  with the Yoga and Pilates clothing company: ‘Wellicious.’ InstructorLive has teamed up with ‘Wellicious’ to offer you the chance to win a fantastic outfit (see examples below) worth £100-£150 plus you will gain the kudos of being ‘The InstructorLive Yoga Challenge Champion!Read more

Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises to do at Home

Kettlebells provide such an effective all-over body workout that there’s no surprise why they’ve become so popular. You can burn around 300 calories during a 20 minute kettlebell workout, and that’s without taking into account the amount of calories you will continue to burn afterwards. Your Kettlebells Instructor Craig Glasgow, demonstrates some of the ‘Top 5 Kettlebell Exercises to do at Home’ below that will have you burning fat and toning all over!Read more

Top 5 Abdominal Exercises to do at Home

It’s time to tone that tummy and sculpt your six pack! If you’re looking to improve your abdominal strength and see a real difference to the shape and tone of your stomach then we have some great exercises for you below. Saul Katz demonstrates some of the most effective abs exercises you can do at home. You can watch Saul in action in his class ‘20 Minute Abs‘ for more abs-olutely (see what I did) amazing workouts.Read more

Why Some Women Won't Lift Weights...But Should!

InstructorLive’s Instructor Saul Katz says: ‘So many women are put off by weight training, thinking it will make them bulky and manly looking, they couldn’t be more wrong. Weight training has so many benefits and rather than getting too muscly it adds great shape and tone to your body.’ Some (not all) women are embarrassed, worried about injury or fear that they will turn into a Body Builder if they do any weight training.Read more

Saul Katz Voice Breaks LIVE On Air

We just wanted to share this funny clip of our ‘Work It Circuit’ Instructor Saul Katz’s voice breaking during his LIVE class this morning.Read more

Fat Loss 101

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked as a fitness company is, how do I lose weight and how long will it take? There are so many mistakes that people make when they’re trying to lose weight that we wanted to dig a little deeper into the subject of fat loss and give you some answers on how to stop that unwanted wobble.Read more