Top Tips For Glowing Summer Skin

The sun is finally out and its time to celebrate by shedding those winter scales and getting glowing skin ready for the beach. To follow on from our, ‘The Smarter Way to a Bikini Body’  post we are now going to give you some of our tips on how to get your skin ready for summer. Being confident in swimwear (and summer outfits  in general) and also in yourself is all about looking and most importantly feeling great – pampering yourself is just one way to help this happen.

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A Beginners Guide to Meditation

When imagining meditation, we often think of a very stereotypical image but this is quite a common misconception. You don’t have to sit in a uncomfortable position for hours humming. Life today is stressful and hectic, meditation helps to calm and silence your mind and it provides a greater self- awareness.

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Women and weights

Being a woman with many female friends I know how common it is for us ladies to think that weight training will only make us look more muscular. This I must clarify and tell you is simply an illusion. Read on and I will explain why that is.Read more

Why warming up is important

When I was a child I used to play handball (a game that doesn’t really exist in the UK) and we used to spend 15 minutes warming up before starting any practice or any match. And. I. Hated. It. Warming up was sooo boring. Running back and forth on the court for no particular reason, jumping up and down before doing annoying sit ups, stretching and then we were back to the pointless running again… Attitude sounds familiar?

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Find Your Inner Fighter - Boxing 101

Need to box off some steam? Want to complete an amazing full-body workout? Looking to hit your fitness peak? Boxing is your answer! Boxing is one of the oldest, most celebrated, and often most controversial sports in history and is now a part of a new fitness revolution. Read more

At-Home Exercises for Busy Mums

Like most of us busy, run-off-our-feet mums, exercise and ‘me-time’ is generally low on our list of priorities. But don’t you think it is important to take care of ourselves? Absolutely! We can all take care of ourselves without dropping the ball and here’s how…Read more

The 30 Day Squat Challenge

The 30 Day Squat Challenge is an extremely popular exercise craze at the moment and has been whizzing all round the internet. We wanted to do some further research to find out if, after all that work, is it worth it?Read more

Top 7 Tips To Motivate You To Workout!

They say that 80% of motivation is showing up. We can’t agree more. By simply committing and arriving at your workout you are motivated. But how do we motivate ourselves to workout if we can’t be bothered to show up or get off the couch and put on our exercise clothes?Read more

Dream Big: Why You Should Never Give Up...

Do you have a dream? Have a desire, deep inside? Do you yearn to achieve something great? No matter what that dream might be – a business, an amazing body, the perfect house or even the ideal relationship, you should never give up on the desire to improve your life and fulfill your dreams.Read more

What to eat before a workout

Have you ever felt completely ready to exercise with great intentions and perfect motivation, yet when it came down to it your body just wouldn’t cooperate? I bet you have – it happens to the best of us – because no matter how determined you are you can’t force your body to perform unless you’ve fueled it correctly.Read more