5 Secrets to Long and Healthy Hair

Hands up who wants longer hair? It can be a bit of a battle trying to get your hair to grow so keep reading to discover some of the secrets behind luscious long locks!

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Top 5 Bad Beauty Habits to Break

It’s a new year and therefore time to break some of your bad habits. Here are some of our Top 5bad beauty habits that you should stop now and you’re skin will thank you for it!

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How to Banish Dry Skin this Winter

It’s not only our heating bills that cold weather affects. Winter weather can also make your skin dry, crack and flaky which is why you need to give it some extra TLC during these frosty months. Keep reading to discover some tips to banish dry skin this winter.

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Top Tips for Healthy Hair

Wouldn’t it be great if every day was a good hair day? Taking time out to look after your hair doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. If you’re dealing with untamed and very damaged tresses, the repair will not happen overnight but developing good hair habits will most certainly set you on the road for recovery. With our ‘Top Tips for Healthy Hair’ you will have lushious locks in no time.

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Top Tips For Glowing Summer Skin

The sun is finally out and its time to celebrate by shedding those winter scales and getting glowing skin ready for the beach. To follow on from our, ‘The Smarter Way to a Bikini Body’  post we are now going to give you some of our tips on how to get your skin ready for summer. Being confident in swimwear (and summer outfits  in general) and also in yourself is all about looking and most importantly feeling great – pampering yourself is just one way to help this happen.

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December Beauty Fixes

Come December, there’s no escaping chapped lips, dry skin and dull complexion. But you can fight these nemeses with our selection of tried and tested beauty fixes! As you know, we are big believers in natural beauty, so we aim to find the best organic products out there.

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Choosing Cosmetics Wisely

Damn you beauty products! If only we weren’t such suckers for pretty packaging and hyped up advertising we wouldn’t be squandering our finances on stuff that never ever works. And yet, a trip to the drugstore to pick up earbuds somehow turns into an excuse to try out a brand new serum, lip gloss or mascara every.single.time. We know, it’s tough!

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Homemade Beauty Remedies

Ah, the weekend! Is there a better time to laze around and pamper your skin after a long week’s work? And with skin constantly exposed to cold, wind and rain, how good does it feel to slip into a comfortable robe and slather on a refreshing and nourishing face mask?

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Banish the Bounce: The Importance of Sports Bras

Sports bras offer more support during a workout as they help minimise movement during exercise. Quite shockingly breasts can move up to 12cm during exercise which can cause a variety of problems such as chaffing, discomfort and the dreaded sagging of your breasts (none of which make for an ideal situation!).Read more

The Yoga Challenge COMPETITION!

In line with your new ‘Yoga Challenge‘ class taught by Susan Yu we have a fantastic new competition  with the Yoga and Pilates clothing company: ‘Wellicious.’ InstructorLive has teamed up with ‘Wellicious’ to offer you the chance to win a fantastic outfit (see examples below) worth £100-£150 plus you will gain the kudos of being ‘The InstructorLive Yoga Challenge Champion!Read more