Feed Your Soul With Meditation

Stop. Close your eyes, relax and breathe deeply in a quiet place for five minutes or longer. Don’t think about anything and let your mind quiet down. In a nutshell: meditate. Sounds so simple, right? Yet, with our increasingly packed schedules, taking time for ourselves to just sit down and “do nothing” sounds like an immense waste of time.

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Why warming up is important

When I was a child I used to play handball (a game that doesn’t really exist in the UK) and we used to spend 15 minutes warming up before starting any practice or any match. And. I. Hated. It. Warming up was sooo boring. Running back and forth on the court for no particular reason, jumping up and down before doing annoying sit ups, stretching and then we were back to the pointless running again… Attitude sounds familiar?

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Exercise Whiz Quiz

Are you an Exercise Whiz Kid? Think you know all there is to know about the ins-and-outs of exercise? Why not put your knowledge to test and take part in our Exercise Whiz Quiz. You never know, you might even surprise yourself and learn a thing or two! Grab a pen and paper, mark down your answers and check them at the end.Read more

The Yoga Challenge COMPETITION!

In line with your new ‘Yoga Challenge‘ class taught by Susan Yu we have a fantastic new competition  with the Yoga and Pilates clothing company: ‘Wellicious.’ InstructorLive has teamed up with ‘Wellicious’ to offer you the chance to win a fantastic outfit (see examples below) worth £100-£150 plus you will gain the kudos of being ‘The InstructorLive Yoga Challenge Champion!Read more

Our Top Ten Mummy Blogs

We wanted to share with you some of our favourite mum blogs that we have really enjoyed reading. They have been so funny, interesting and helpful. We hope you like them too!Read more

Yoga Pose of the Week #5: Downwards Facing Dog

In the fifth of our ‘Yoga Pose of the Week’ series, Diego D’Aquino of InstructorLive.com shows us how to perform Downwards Facing Dog – a common pose, but done in the Yoga Monks Method way.

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Yoga Pose of the Week #1: Trikonasana or 'Tricky Triangle'

In the first of our ‘Yoga Pose of the Week’ series, InstructorLive yoga Instructor Beth Win shows us how to perform trikonasana (or ‘tricky triangle’) as it’s also known.Read more

Yoga Pose of the Week #2: Arda-Chandrasana or 'Half Moon' Pose

In the second of our ‘Yoga Pose of the Week’ series, InstructorLive yoga Instructor Beth Win shows us how to perform Arda-Chandrasana (or ‘Half-Moon’ Pose) as it’s also known.Read more

What is motivation and how do we get it?

Motivation can be an incredibly elusive concept to understand, and an even harder state to achieve. So what really is motivation and how do we go about getting it?Read more

Top Tips to Overcome Negativity

‘Look on the bright side of life’, ‘There’s plenty more fish in the sea.’ And ‘Smile, it could be worse’ are all sayings that increase my annoyance levels quite significantly. (Probably on par with the ‘Go Compare’ adverts). Although it can be very difficult to banish negativity with the click of your fingers, there is some truth behind these frustratingly accurate quotes.Read more