“I’ve made a total lifestyle change since starting InstructorLive – I’m eating healthier, sleeping better, looking after myself more and I’m much more confident.”


Rachel, the notorious project-abandoner, has finally broken her non-committal habits, is more determined than ever and is achieving amazing results. Here’s her story.


“Jeans fit better and more loosely, dresses that I’ve kept in store for “whenever I’m skinnier” fit again and clothes that were tight fit better.”


Mariana has a busy lifestyle, travels often and was looking for a solution to help her stay fit and healthy. This is her story.


“when I follow ’The Promise’, I’m doing a coherent programme that introduces me to exercises I wouldn’t think of myself. This helps me work different muscle groups, I can feel that on my body and that really motivates me.”


Marlene is a 20 something year old Scandinavian mum. She gave birth to baby Alba 11 months ago and has recently gone back to working part time as a designer of her own brands and as a social media manager on a fashion magazine.


“I have now lost over a stone in weight with 3 inches loss on my hips and 1.5 inches lost on my waist. I finally feel good about myself.”


Charlotte is a Science Lecturer from rural Lancashire where, especially with a young son, it was hard to get to a gym. With the help of InstructorLive she has achieved her goal and dropped a jeans size. Here is her story.

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