“Jeans fit better and more loosely, dresses that I’ve kept in store for “whenever I’m skinnier” fit again and clothes that were tight fit better.”


Mariana has a busy lifestyle, travels often and was looking for a solution to help her stay fit and healthy. This is her story.


“when I follow ’The Promise’, I’m doing a coherent programme that introduces me to exercises I wouldn’t think of myself. This helps me work different muscle groups, I can feel that on my body and that really motivates me.”


Marlene is a 20 something year old Scandinavian mum. She gave birth to baby Alba 11 months ago and has recently gone back to working part time as a designer of her own brands and as a social media manager on a fashion magazine.


“I have now lost over a stone in weight with 3 inches loss on my hips and 1.5 inches lost on my waist. I finally feel good about myself.”


Charlotte is a Science Lecturer from rural Lancashire where, especially with a young son, it was hard to get to a gym. With the help of InstructorLive she has achieved her goal and dropped a jeans size. Here is her story.

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