SECOND ENTRY: Fitness Diary of Mum of 3, Linzi Martin

Hi Everyone, I have returned for another blog should any of you be waiting on tenterhooks for the next gripping installment!! (albeit a tad late)Read more

What to eat before a workout

Have you ever felt completely ready to exercise with great intentions and perfect motivation, yet when it came down to it your body just wouldn’t cooperate? I bet you have – it happens to the best of us – because no matter how determined you are you can’t force your body to perform unless you’ve fueled it correctly.Read more

Happy Hydration - the importance of drinking water

There are many simple things we can do to improve our lifestyle and health. Getting enough sleep, eating our 5 greens a day and cutting down on our alcohol intake are all things that don’t take much, but make a big difference to our health.Read more

Amazing workout snacks

Whether your goal is to run longer, lift harder or simply lose a few pounds, fuelling your body with the right foods will help you achieve more from your workout – and recover faster, too.Read more

What To Drink Before A Workout?

As we all know it’s very important to drink water, particularly during a workout. But what exactly should we drink during intense exercise? Water is important, but it can be hard to find a drink that will keeps us hydrated whilst give you the energy you need, without adding loads of unrefined sugar.Read more

The Portion Distortion Epidemic!

How much food do you intake on a daily basis? Do you find yourself eating more food at different times of day? And how much food should we be eating pre and post workout?Read more

The Clean Revolution with Dr Alejandro Junger

Have you heard of the ‘clean’ revolution? ‘Clean’ eating? Or how about ‘clean’ living? For those new-bees to the ‘clean’ world – no it doesn’t mean living without making a mess or scrubbing your house from top to toe with powerful disinfectants.Read more

Top Tips From the I Quit Sugar Queen!

Are you after some top tips on getting healthy and cutting that all too addictive substance, sugar, out of your diet?Read more

Top 5 Healthy Blogs!

Looking for advice on healthy living? Want the latest tips and trends for all things health related or maybe your just looking for a fresh new recipe?Read more

The Top 10 Best 'No-Meat Athlete' Protein Sources

Protein – we hear this talked about all the time, right? And we know it’s important for our growth, heart, immune system and of course for our muscles. When we hear the word protein most of us think of the stock standard animal protein sources such as meat, fish, chicken etc…Read more