5 Motivational Instagram Accounts

Getting motivated can be difficult and having a browse through some fitness pictures, some healthy recipes and some inspirational images definitely helps. We’ve come up with 5 people that we feel are motivational and inspiring and we would really reccomend you following them on Instagram! Read more

How to promote healthy eating habits for your children

Looking after kids is exhausting and getting them to eat healthy food can be another battle to face. Here are some of our top tips on how to conquer this particular task. Whether your kids are little or teens these tips will help you to promote healthy eating and make it become a habit rather than a chore.Read more

How to avoid Christmas weight gain

It’s the best time of year…there’s parties, presents and plenty of Prosecco …but there’s also an increased waistline to consider. You can still enjoy yourself during the festive season without indulging to excess. Here are some tips to keep your weight gain under control this christmas:Read more

Christmas Party Survival Tips

Chrismas parties…where both your dignity and your calorie count goes out the window (clearly speaking from experience with this one!) As well as boosting fitness levels it’s important to support any fitness programme with a healthy balanced diet. According to the British Dietetic Association the average Brit will gain up to half a stone over the Christmas period. Read more

Eat Well For Less with Turner Moyse

In this video your InstructorLive Instructor, Turner Moyse gives his advice and opinions for eating healthily on a budget:Read more

Eat Well for Less - Shopping List

It can be difficult to know where to start with food shopping on a budget. We’ve therefore taken a look at some of the best deals at some favourite supermarkets and come up with plan for a low cost weekly shopping list. Obviously people have different preferences so this shopping list might not suit everyone but it does show that you can eat well for a little less! We’ve also provided some delicious meal suggestions below using the food from the shopping list.Read more

Top Tips for Healthy Eating on a Budget

There is often a belief that eating a healthy diet will end up costing you a fortune but in my experience, it’s when I am feeling lazy that food begins to cost a fortune – takeaways, meals out, microwave meals etc. These tips below will have both your wallet and your waistline thanking you!Read more

FIRST ENTRY: Fitness Diary of Mum of 3, Linzi Martin

This is an honest, funny and motivational account of InstructorLive customer, Linzi Martin’s journey to get fit whilst looking after two small children (and one young adult) and all the trials and tribulations that comes with this. We will be getting an update from Linzi every couple of weeks so be sure to check in to see how she’s getting on! Thanks so much to Linzi for taking the time to share your fitness diary with us!Read more

100 Snacks Under 100 Calories

It’s your mid-afternoon snack time and you’re trying to decide between a Mars Bar and a bag of Doritos…why not save yourself the calories and choose a low-calorie treat instead. The list below shows you just some foods that are under 100 calories and there are some pretty tasty options!Read more

Shocking Sugar: Are you aware of what you're eating?

When you purchase a bar of chocolate, a cake or some sweets you know you’re getting a sugary treat. However, it’s the items like pasta sauces, cereals and many diet items that may shock you with the amount of sugar that they contain.Read more