Jessica's Recipe Bag Review

Most of us are trapped in a cycle of being seriously strapped for time but also having a desire to eat well which helps to explain the rise in healthy meal deliveries. It can be extremely difficult after a long day to find the energy to go out and shop for ingredients and plan a healthy meal. Many of us (I’m really hoping its not just me!) fall into the habit of getting to 7pm and realising how hungry/potentially starving we are and just grabbing the first convenient meal we can get our hands on, regardless of it’s nutritional value.Read more

What is The Paleo Diet?

The Paleolithic diet or the ‘Paleo’ diet is being discussed by everyone, everywhere at the moment! I even had a conversation about it at the dentist the other day, not easy during a hygienist check up let me tell you. It has been described as ‘the worlds healthiest diet.’ We wanted to do some more research on this particular diet to find out just what it was, what its benefits are and what it has to do with cavemen!Read more

Mid-Year Food Resolutions

Hands up who at the chime of midnight on 31st December vowed to not eat chocolate for 12 months? Then, two weeks later they found themselves eating chocolate ice cream…swearing to their friends they just didn’t think that ice cream counted as chocolate. Sounds a little too specific to be a general thing, doesn’t it? Moving on…Read more

How to Conquer Your Cravings

When discussing our own personal food cravings in the InstructorLive office there was a complete range: from pasta to chocolate and there was even a mention of a severe cheese and biscuit craving! Scientific research has suggested that we may have a bit of an excuse for our food cravings – phew!Read more

The Smarter Way to a Bikini Body

It’s that time of the year when its time to begin peeling off the winter clothes and embracing your bikini body. It is also that time that you realise that the gym membership that you signed up for on the 1st of January has only been used twice. However, it’s not too late to get your body fit and ready for the beach. Read more

Meet Black Cherry Bakery: Healthy Cakes With Atttitude

InstructorLive caught up with rock goddess, vegan lifestyle baker and businesswoman Alix Marshall-Radcliffe to talk about her fabulous, quirky venture Black Cherry Bakery.Read more

What’s The Best Way To Fuel Your Workout?

During our lives classes, people often ask our instructors what, when and how to best fuel their activity. This post will help you find the right fuel for your workouts, both on and off the InsructorLive platform.Read more