“If you want to try something new come and join me!”


Hi I’m Lana, I’m a professional dancer and choreographer specialising in Street, HipHop and Break Dance. I’ve danced with loads of famous faces including Dizzee Rascal and The Black Eyed Peas.
I break down my choreographies into 3, easy-to-follow classes and each class will recap and build upon the previous one.
So if you want to try something new come and join me for one of my classes soon!

Signature Plan

Love To Dance – Level 2

This plan is designed for those of you that:

– Currently have a moderate level of fitness
– Would like to improve your general fitness levels
– Love to dance!

The plan recommends suitable classes and also provides a nutrition plan for a balanced and healthy diet.

When you select this plan it will be added to your results page where you will be able to track your progress.