Meet Rosey Feet Reflexology: Alternative Therapies for Everyone

Getting fit and staying healthy is as much about the right frame of mind, as it is about your physical activities. We caught up with reflexologist Jade Davidson for her advice on alternative therapies, how to get to get the figure you want and the path to becoming a successful businesswoman.

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Top 10 Yoga Tips for Beginners

So you’ve finally invested in a sticky yoga mat and are itching to get started with the asanas(sanskrit for body postures). But we know that starting a new discipline from scratch is exciting as it is confusing! So if you are wondering how to make the most out of your yoga sessions, follow our simple tips for beginners which we have laid out for you.

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Feed Your Soul With Meditation

Stop. Close your eyes, relax and breathe deeply in a quiet place for five minutes or longer. Don’t think about anything and let your mind quiet down. In a nutshell: meditate. Sounds so simple, right? Yet, with our increasingly packed schedules, taking time for ourselves to just sit down and “do nothing” sounds like an immense waste of time.

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Women and weights

Being a woman with many female friends I know how common it is for us ladies to think that weight training will only make us look more muscular. This I must clarify and tell you is simply an illusion. Read on and I will explain why that is.Read more

How to keep progressing exercising

All beginnings are hard the smart people say …I bet that they’ve never started from 0 or even -1 when starting their exercising journey towards a healthier life – If they did, they would know that it’s not hard but more like an uphill battle! At least that’s what I think most of us are thinking when we are in the middle of that very first work out after a good long break! Do you agree?

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Why warming up is important

When I was a child I used to play handball (a game that doesn’t really exist in the UK) and we used to spend 15 minutes warming up before starting any practice or any match. And. I. Hated. It. Warming up was sooo boring. Running back and forth on the court for no particular reason, jumping up and down before doing annoying sit ups, stretching and then we were back to the pointless running again… Attitude sounds familiar?

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How to not let an injury stop you from exercising

Sometimes we can be all set for exercising and even be in a good habit; we’re eating healthily, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep but then the worst thing in the world happens! You get an injury and all of that lovely progress just goes down the drain. If that happens or if you never really got started because you had an injury from the beginning fear not; there is usually a solution to the problem. Read through this and use it as a checklist.Read more

The Benefits Of Digging Out Your Old Equipment

Do you have a stash of old equipment gathering dust under the bed? Then it’s time to pull them out, dust them off and reap the rewards from reintroducing them into your workout routine.

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Dance – The New Fitness Craze

Have you jumped on the dance weight loss train to funky town yet? Well, what are you waiting for? All aboard!Read more

Why Every Cyclist Should Do Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for your green tea drinking, Heram pants wearing, vegan food loving friends. Yoga is an amazing practice that can make you a faster and better cyclist.Read more